• White Bay Power Station

    Control Room

    This is my favourite of the 700 odd images that make up the Lost Collective project.

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    • White Bay Power Station
    • Callan Park
    • Abandoned Shoe Factory
  • Callan Park


    This clinic reminds me of a low tech practice I would have visited as a child. I love the blue colured paint on the walls.

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    • White Bay Power Station
    • Callan Park
    • Abandoned Shoe Factory
  • Abandoned Shoe Factory

    Filing Cabinet

    the highlight reminds me of the unrelenting, hot summer day it was when I took this photo.

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    • White Bay Power Station
    • Callan Park
    • Abandoned Shoe Factory


Over 25 galleries currently make up the Lost Collective with the first photos taken back in 2011. You'll find my favourite albums below - scroll across to check them out. Or jump to the gallery home page for a complete chronological listing.

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  • Sundell Holden

    This site differs a little from some of my recent works being that isn’t very historically significant or important. The architecture is still common in many buildings today and this kind of business still exists all over Australia.

  • ATL Building

    This site was originally the home of Automatic Totalisers Limited.
    The company produced calculation machines used for ticket printing and issuing and printing, sales recording in department stores and in racecourse totaliser practice.

  • Bathurst Gasworks

    The site was originally built to compete with a privately owned gasworks after complaints due to quality of the gas being supplied and the cost.

  • Wangi Power Station

    The power station was brought into operation on the 7th of November 1958 after ten years of construction.

  • Blayney Abattoir

    I’ve pieced together what I can through research and from what I can see in the images but the reality is… I know nothing about how an abattoir works.

  • White Bay Power Station

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  • Kandos Cement

    There’s a long and proud history associated with this site.
    The town of Kandos itself came into being to support the cement works which was established in 1914.

  • Callan Park

    Construction began in 1878. The main Kirkbride complex was originally built as to cope with the overflow from Gladesville hospital.

  • Balmain Leagues Club

    The site was originally built in 1957 and closed it’s doors in 2010. It’s amazing to see the state that it has become in only 5 years.

  • Macquarie Boys Technology High

    The school was established on this site in 1957. The school was eventually shut down in 2009 due to declining enrolments amongst other issues.

  • West Ryde Pumping Station

    The pumping station itself is still in operation and plays a vital role in suppling potable water to the northern suburbs of Sydney.

  • Geelong Power Station

    This power station was opened in 1954 and for a time was the largest power station in Victoria. Originally fired by brown coal, it was eventually fuelled with briquettes transported from the Latrobe Valley.

  • Terminus Hotel

    Originally known as the Coopers Arms Inn, the building was partially constructed circa 1865. In 1911 the main bar was built when ownership was transferred to Tooth & Co. It was at this time the establishment was renamed as Terminus Hotel

  • BlueScope Port Kembla

    The images here were captured from the BOS (Basic Oxygen Steelmaking) and Slab Casting plants, which make up part of the steel making process within the BlueScope Steelworks Port Kembla operation.

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